Heart of Farmers is a place to discover the hard work, love and passion behind California strawberry farmers. Read personal stories straight from the farmers – and their families – on topics that range from the challenges of farming with unpredictable weather, to some of their favorite ways to enjoy or prepare the very crops they grow.

Started by the folks who represent California strawberry farmers, this site was designed to build personal connections with the people growing some of California’s healthiest bounty through honest and open two-way dialogue, real-life photos and videos and by simply getting to know each other.

Heart of Farmers also features everyday health tips and farm-fresh recipes created just for you by top chefs and food bloggers, registered dietitians, and home cooks of all ages. Think of the delicious recipes that can happen when everyone gets in the kitchen together to share ideas fresh from a farmer’s or family table, an esteemed chef, or handed down from grandma’s hands.

The door is open. Come in, meet some farmers and join the community of people who love what they do – and what they grow. Get inspired to learn more about your food, eat healthier and make new friends.